June 10, 2004.
The Girl Blue Project is now a 501 (c)(3) organization

I am happy to announce that The Girl Blue Project is officially a non-profit organization. I just received notification from the IRS today. Your donations are tax deductible by law! I want to thank all of you for your support past, present and future. Girl Blue is growing because of you and I really appreciate it. So again thank you all. Peace and blessings to you.

Marlow Wyatt

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GBP Newsletter 2005

The Girl Blue Project is 3 years old and we have lots to celebrate! The 2005 program dates are
July 5th through August 19th. Get ready to experience 7 weeks of some things old, some
things new, all things fabulous and Dr. Nicole too!!! Yes, that's right. The good doctor is back
and ready to give our girls Extreme 'spiritual' Makeovers. No scalpels involved. Just lots and
lots of love. So what's new?... in the words of Lionel Richie our girls will be "once, twice, three
times the ladies" after Etiquette Coach Marian Fifi Locke gets through with them. Get ready to
sit up straight and cross those legs ladies. Not only will you learn the art of table setting but we'll
finally know which fork to use...let's face it - a girls gotta eat. Why not do it with class and dine
like Queens? We will be well bred and well fed. After dining what could be better than
Dancing? Girl Blue is prepared for that too."Between Lines' " Founder, Artistic Director and
Winifred R. Harris will be joining us for our dancing pleasure. Ms. Harris is a
multi-faceted artist, teacher and community activist who has received an award from the Mayor
for the work she has done with youth in the community. We are honored to have her with us this
year. Just when you thought you had enough we have 3 more additions. 3 seems to be our lucky
number this year. 2005 has brought us Mr. John Freeland, Jr., Phylliss Bailey Brooks and
Miss Michelle Banks. Now these cats are some baaad motha...shut yo mouths. Mr. Freeland has been instrumental in getting the word out to the community about The Girl Blue Project. He has traveled all over California with his powerful acting workshops. Ladies, I hope you are ready for him cause he is ready for you. Phyliss Bailey Brooks serves as Vocal Arranger/Director for critically acclaimed ADAAWE, an all female drum and vocal ensemble. She is also working on the production of Fox's hit TV series, Madtv. With all of that singing, writing and directing we are happy that she has made time for Girl Blue. "Signs, signs everybody signs" (okay, I know that's a horrible segue and I have taken liberty with the lyrics to that song but hey... ) Well at least everybody who's participating in Girl Blue this summer will be signing. Award winning actress, writer, director and producer Michelle Banks will be teaching American Sign Language this year. Ms. Banks was the Founder and Artistic Director of Onyx Theatre Company in New York, the first deaf theater company in the United States for people of color. You may also recognize her as Lynn's boss on the hit sitcom Girlfriends. She is an amazing human being. I've already learned how to sign "The Girl Blue Project". I can't wait to learn more. Special thanks to Michelle Kahen at KOREH LA. for working with us in our commitment to tutor this year for community service. Girl Blue understands the importance of giving back to our community. Believe it or not folks that's not all but I am going to save the rest for a later date. This is too much for anyone to swallow all at once. As you can see we are heading for a powerful, life changing summer. For The Girl Blue Project the 3rd time really is a CHARM!

Thank you all for your support. We look forward to seeing you this summer. And remember:


Peace and Blessings

Marlow Wyatt
The Girl Blue Project

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