June 10, 2004.
The Girl Blue Project is now a 501 (c)(3) organization

I am happy to announce that The Girl Blue Project is officially a non-profit organization. I just received notification from the IRS today. Your donations are tax deductible by law! I want to thank all of you for your support past, present and future. Girl Blue is growing because of you and I really appreciate it. So again thank you all. Peace and blessings to you.

Marlow Wyatt

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The Girl Blue Project
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GBP Newsletter 2007

Happy Anniversary Girl Blue! The Girl Blue Project will be turning 5 years old in June and we have lots to celebrate! Thank you for your generous support over the past years. We couldn’t have done it without you. We have received countless emails and letters from our girls and parents about the positive impact the program has had on their lives. 98% of our college age members are attending college. Desteni Smith has traveled outside of the United States to experience new cultures and is currently a freshman at UC Berkley. Emerald Woodland, a 2nd year member is only 15 years old and working on her AA degree! You should be proud of the investment that you have made.

The Girl Blue Project will celebrate its 5th Anniversary by concentrating on teen girls in Foster Care and Hurricane Katrina/Rita evacuees who have relocated to Los Angeles. Did you know that once these teens become emancipated adults they lose many of their government services? What’s that all about? We’ll tell you what it’s all about…It’s about Girl Blue being pro-active and providing them with a nurturing environment, educational and life skills that stimulate the mind, body and spirit. The fact of the matter is The Girl Blue Project wants to empower these young women. Our new classes are designed to help them become self-sufficient and instill them with a sense of purpose. Actress, Karen Malina White (Miss Karen to Girl Blue) has agreed to teach acting this year and possibly direct. She has supported us from the beginning. I am sure the girls will learn a lot from this seasoned veteran. New to Girl Blue is Miguel Coleman. Miguel has worked in the San Diego area & Los Angeles as a Capoeira instructor to youth and adults. He will be conducting our new self-defense workshop for women. We have also planned a few surprises this year that no anniversary celebration should go without. We are very excited about the possibilities this year will bring and are looking forward to welcoming the 2007 members!

Please join The Girl Blue Project in our 5th Anniversary Celebration and toast to new beginnings by making a tax deductible contribution to increase to wellbeing of another human being.

Go to our Donation link and GIVE, GIVE, GIVE!


Peace and Blessings

Marlow Wyatt
The Girl Blue Project

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