June 10, 2004.
The Girl Blue Project is now a 501 (c)(3) organization

I am happy to announce that The Girl Blue Project is officially a non-profit organization. I just received notification from the IRS today. Your donations are tax deductible by law! I want to thank all of you for your support past, present and future. Girl Blue is growing because of you and I really appreciate it. So again thank you all. Peace and blessings to you.

Marlow Wyatt

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GBP Newsletter 2012

The Girl Blue Project is excited to celebrate our 10th Anniversary this summer! And we want YOU to join us. We are so grateful to have many of the original instructors with us this year. Mr. Tim, Mr. Logan, Ms. Jaha just to name a few. But we plan to celebrate by mixing the old with the new. We have Kali Alexander teaching yoga and Miss Victoria (our Girl Blue queen) may be joining us again this year. We cannot imagine Girl Blue without her. Miss Tabbatha of Spirits Landing is excited to partner with us to give Girl Blue a little ďclassĒ. Oh and she will be teaching Etiquette this year as well. There are so many exciting plans for this year. Now there are some things a lady should always keep to herself- her age and the special events that we have planned for Girl Blue this summer. ShhÖif we tell you we will have to kill you. Just keep in mind that whatever it is will always focus on Empowerment, Building Self-Esteem and Social Responsibility. So send in your applications if you really want to be in the know. The application deadline is June 28th. Donít wait until the last minute.

In other good news: So many of our girls are all grown up and doing great things. Siedah will be working with the new girls at Girl Blue this summer and Crystal A. (pictured far right) is now a great mom to a beautiful little girl (canít wait til sheís old enough to be a part of Girl Blue) Destiny S. (2004) is in Graduate School. Emerald W. (2004) just graduated from UCLA and sent us an Invite! Stephany C. (2005) is attending Long Beach City College. We also have artists like Ginelle G.(2003) -a graduate of Santa Monica College with a degree in Graphic Arts who designed the very first book cover for Girl Blue. Now she will go on creating designs for the world to see. Tanesha M. is a proud CSU Dominquez Hills graduate. River M. (2006) is at Barstow Community College and married!! Nkechi K. (2009) graduated from the prestigious Pilgrim School. We love Nkechi and she is well known and respected and extremely talented. We are so proud of all of the girls who have been a part of The Girl Blue Project. To all of you who are mothers, educators, artists etc. we salute you and are looking forward to you joining us at the 10th anniversary celebration. KEEP MAKING US PROUD!


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