Girl Blue
Who is Girl Blue?
She is me, she is you
She is whoever has enough perseverance to push through
She comes in every color, shape and size
Overcoming any obstacle that may arise
She is not afraid
to let her voice be heard
Because she has learned the POWER of her word
She is not afraid to try things
a different way
She is becoming a woman
and BECOMING she will stay.
- Jerrisha (GB 2003)

Girl Blue Street Theatre Initiative
Program Requirements

Workshops for Girl Blue S.T.I. will focus on LIFE SKILLS. Our artistically based curriculum will be designed to teach Discipline, Respect, Social Responsibility and build Self-Esteem. We want to give you a voice in a creative and productive environment. It is ALL ABOUT YOU and the talents that you bring. The Girl Blue Project does not discriminate in regards to race, religion, sexual orientation, past negative behavior or previous criminal history. However, WE DO DISCRIMINATE against those who do not have the ability to show up for themselves and those who cannot make a 20 to 30 day commitment to enhance their lives regardless of age! WE ONLY WANT TEENS WHO TAKE THE PROGRAM SERIOUSLY, WHO TRULY WANT TO BE HERE AND ARE READY TO WORK. Our expectations are high. You’re worth it! You deserve it! Believe in yourself. We do.

* You must be between the ages of 13 and 18 years old


* Take ALL required workshops

* Make ALL scheduled rehearsals and the 10th Anniversary performance.


* BE willing to PUSH YOURSELF

* Adhere to all workshop rules and dress codes

* BE PRESENT in order to receive the gifts!!

IT’S UP TO YOU. IF YOU CAN MAKE THE COMMITMENT complete the Girl Blue S.T.I. application form and mail it along with your application fee of $20. Girl Blue S.T.I. is looking forward to bringing out the best in YOU!

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